Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Brixham police on YouTube

Here's an interesting sign of the times regarding communication: Brixham police have started broadcasting on YouTube! You can see their first offering, which is just under 10 minutes long, by going to the YouTube site and entering Brixham police. Slightly nerve wracking for the station sergeant but he manages OK. One of the primary features of this first video is to introduce the various constables, PCSOs and specials that make up the team. Unfortunately though it's been done somewhat on the cheap as we don't get to see the officers named and I would have thought that combining names with faces would have been the way forward when using a visual medium. But perhaps that will come in episode two because this isn't a one off as the intention is to produce a regular output.

Brixham appears to be well covered compared with my parish of Calstock. Currently I don't think we have any police assigned to us, we had a PCSO but she has now moved elsewhere. I think it is fair to say that nearly all the crime in this neck of the woods is of the nuisance variety but the return of a PCSO would be welcomed.

If the Brixham experiment gets a favourable reception then we might see the process replicated in many other parts of Devon and Cornwall. I shall post up any further information that comes my way.

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