Thursday, 10 April 2008

MSC Napoli - work has started again today

It was just a fortnight ago that I wrote my most recent piece on the Napoli and in that post I gave a link to a press release by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. In essence that statement indicated the Napoli would take another five months to be completely removed, this being significantly longer than the original plan. Well now the contractors are back and are using small explosives to cut off propeller, rudder and main drive shaft. In that entry I had opined that the activity re MSC Napoli through the summer would be a draw for the tourists rather than deterring them and I still hold that view. The key thing of course is the prevention of any further pollution.

As I had said before I think that Devon County Council will have to delay the start of the hearings in their Public Enquiry but I know they are keen to encourage people who have been affected by what's happened to contact the Council with their stories and their thoughts.

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