Sunday, 13 April 2008

Calstock's Roman Fort and Rubber Band

A few days ago, last Tuesday to be exact, saw us have a very interesting and enjoyable evening at two vastly different events. First up at 7 o'clock was the annual meeting of Calstock Parish Council where one gets the opportunity to hear a review of what that council has done and hopes to do. I have to own up and say that this hasn't always been a port of call for me but what really enticed us to go was the inclusion of a talk in the proceedings. It was the end of last January that saw me write a piece on the discovery of a Roman fort near the Parish Church (in fact I believe I was the first person to put that information into the public domain) and the aforementioned talk was on the subject of the fort and given by historian Peter Claughton and archaeologist Chris Smart. So far it is very much a case of 'work in progress': we should know a lot more when they come back to Calstock at the end of May. The Parish Council found that they had a bit of surplus money and, I'm very pleased to say, have made a donation to our friends from Exeter University for the furtherance of their work. We were very pleased about this and hope there is plenty more to discover about the Roman occupation at Calstock.

This meeting was held at Albaston. It was only a few minutes drive from there down into Calstock itself and the Tamar Inn to enjoy the enthusiastic playing of 'The Rubber Band'. When they play at Calstock and Gunnislake each month one can never be sure who is able to come and their last pub gig was very much down on numbers but still enjoyable. This time though they were well into double figures and on top form.

In my earlier piece today I had hinted about trying not to get be too narrow in ones interests. On this particular evening we had gone from a Roman Fort to traditional Cornish music which I think is quite a contrast!

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