Monday, 11 May 2009

Gordon Brown slow off the mark again

Both the mainstream media and bloggers are having a field day with the steady drip drip of information coming from 'The Daily Telegraph' regarding MPs allowances and expenses. For this particular post I'll just confine my attention to one small aspect - Gordon Brown apologising. Today it's the turn of the Tories to be in the spotlight and David Cameron sensibly pre-empted this by saying sorry for the misdemeanours of members of his party. Now we have the news that Mr Brown has just apologised on behalf of all the political parties over this scandal.

Interestingly then GB has said his bit after DC, even though the first revelations were about Cabinet members, to be followed by other Labour MPs. So did Brown make his apology today because politically he had to following the remarks made by Cameron? One must remember that saying sorry is something very very difficult for Gordon to do; it wasn't very long ago that there was again a long delay in apologising for the 'Smeargate' affair and I had the feeling then that Brown was told that he really had to do the necessary even though it went against the grain for him.

This reluctance on Brown's part might be either forgotten or not noticed by many people but sadly for me it is yet another indication of why I think he shouldn't be our Prime Minister.

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