Sunday, 17 May 2009

Turbulent weather messes up plans

We are not having the best of weather this weekend! There was heavy rain in the small hours of Sunday morning and although it brightened up (temporarily) at breakfast time there was a quick return to the wet stuff allied to a very strong wind. All of this knocked my carefully laid plan for today sideways. I had arranged a walk for our local history group in the Minions area of Bodmin Moor led by Dave, a professional archaeologist and topographical historian, who I reckon understands the landscape of the area as well as anyone out there. But weather is absolutely critical at this location and what we have experienced today has certainly vindicated the decision to call off the walk first thing this morning. Now I used to be pretty lucky when organising outdoor events but seem to be jinxed regarding this particular walk - this is the third year of asking and each time it has been diabolical on the day! Previous to that, in 2006 it must have been, Dave led a walk in the same locality on what proved to be a perfect summer day weatherwise and this second walk was intended to complement the earlier one but I'm wondering if we will ever make it!

Just in case anyone might think I'm moaning I have to say that nobody is losing money on this postponement except perhaps 'The Hurlers Halt' at Minions where we would have enjoyed a cream tea. Contrast my situation say with those organising a village fete for good causes. If they have a washout then that can play havoc with their finances. So for me and fellow potential walkers a little frustration today but nothing worse.

Yesterday was again very breezy with some showers but luckily between 12.30 and 2.30 it was dry. Why those times so important? Well the 'Rubber Band' (formerly known as 'The Calstock Rubber Band' were in attendance at Morwellham Quay, the latter hosting a food and craft festival over the weekend. I would normally go there anyway to enjoy the music but out of the blue a few days before Rosie had popped the question "Would I like to play the tea chest double bass with the band?". Well "yes" and "thank you very much" after I had recovered from the shock. This 'instrument' is normally played by Mike but his job often precludes him from playing on a Saturday afternoon. Yours truly duly turned up with a red 'L' plate dangling around his neck and I have to say that I enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the rest of the band for accepting me!! I wouldn't for a moment judge my small contribution as being immaculate but I guess I had the advantage of being quite familiar with that part of their extensive repertoire that they played yesterday and this helped to settle my beginner's nerves! Although under a roof we were open to the elements on three sides and with the wind whistling through there was much use of clothes pegs to retain music to stands.

So a two hour slot for us in the festivities with a short refreshment break in the middle. But, and here is a problem I've noticed before, the time allocated to us meant that the first half was played to a very small audience and that it wasn't until we got into the second session that the numbers of listeners started to grow. The Rubber Band are really noted (unintentional pun) for their very lively bouncy music and it is always great to see audiences react to this. A good time had by all I reckon.

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