Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Michael Martin to announce resignation

Well, we had the Speaker's statement yesterday afternoon to the House of Commons and what an embarrassment it was! It was evident that he has totally lost it now and does not have the respect of the House thus making his continuance in post untenable. Now we hear that Mr Martin will announce this afternoon that he will be stepping down from his post but it is unclear just when he will depart. I'm afraid to say that this delay in resigning makes a weak man look even weaker - nothing to do with snobbery but it's pretty obvious that he is not up to the job.

Unbelievable scenes in the House of Commons yesterday, he has totally lost his authority and has become a laughing stock. Sadly he has been the instigator of his own misfortune. We are being told that it was as long ago as 1695 when a Speaker was last given the heave-ho! Of course there are deputy Speakers so if Martin were to go immediately then business could still carry on under one of these deputies. I don't think he will go quite that soon, the predicament for Martin is just when should he stand down. No doubt he would like to stay until the next General Election but is that realistic? We won't have long to wait to find out from the man himself.

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brian in the tamar valley said...

So it's just over a month away, on 21 June that Mr Martin will relinquish his post. That gives reasonable time for the election of his successor. Some talk of a stopgap Speaker to take us up to the General Election. I can see some logic behind this in as much as that in 12 months time we may well have a very different mix of MPs in the House - and the majority of these might not be happy with the person who has been elected Speaker such a short time previously.

It was probably right for Martin to have made such a brief declaration of his intent (33 or 34 seconds according to which report you listened to). After his stumbling performance the previous day it was no wonder he wanted to do the very minimum that was needed.