Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Holiday weather glorious but wet today

We were very fortunate with the weather over the bank holiday weekend here in the south west but a blip today as rain off the Atlantic passes across us. The forecasters had promised us sun and warmth for last Saturday and Sunday, absolutely correct as it turned out, but had warned of a marked deterioration on Monday with the chance of outbreaks of heavy thundery rain. Well these didn't happen here or over much of the region and apart from a little dampness early in the day the weather wasn't bad. These outbreaks of rain were forecast to move north from France and seem to have broken up somewhat leaving us predominantly dry. I've noticed before that bad weather from this direction is notoriously difficult to predict accurately whereas the front that is affecting us as I type and moving west to east is a much more reliable piece of weather for the Met Office to get right.

I'm sure that I have mentioned before my opinion that bank holidays don't have so much bad weather as they get credited with. More a case of the miserable ones getting remembered and our imagination reckoning they were all like that! It would be interesting to get some statistics to back me up on this one.

This is a fabulous time of year to visit Devon and Cornwall with our deep lanes smothered in wild flowers before the fresh fronds of bracken start to dominate. An interesting comment too from weather forecaster David Braine who mentioned that this is an exceptional year for buttercups. This is something I've noticed too - here in the Tamar Valley there is a lot of low intensity agriculture and there are many meadows where the yellow of buttercup almost rivals that seen in fields of oil seed rape! A slight exaggeration perhaps but they are doing perhaps almost too well in my cottage garden.

It does seem that high pressure will shortly return to dominate our weather and to those visitors staying on in my two counties through this half term week - Enjoy!

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