Saturday, 8 August 2009

Filming at Mount Edgcumbe

It doesn't take too much of an excuse to have a day out at the Mount Edgcumbe Country Park which seems almost within touching distance of Plymouth but in reality is separated from the city by the southern end of the Tamar just before it meets the sea. Having accumulated the waters of the River Lynher this last stretch of the mighty Tamar is known as the 'Hamoaze' by the way.

My friend needed to do some shopping in Plymouth on the way home and I wanted to pop into Debenhams so with a really good forecast for last Thursday we decided to sally forth. The itinerary then was up the hill to our station for the train ride into Plymouth, walk across to Stonehouse for the ferry ride to Cremyll and then perambulate through the Country Park to the twin villages of Kingsand and Cawsand. Such is the variety of walks at Mount Edgcumbe that one can vary the return route slightly if wanted. This we did.

Now we are in the school holidays and the sun is out at last it isn't surprising that the ferry is busy. We could both live with being fairly jammed in with our fellow human beings for the few minutes of the ferry crossing but with 865 acres of country park available once we alighted in Cornwall severe overcrowding is never a problem.

When we decided to go on this walk we were unaware that there would be a German film crew in the Park. The reason for this is that people in Germany are very very keen on the romantic novels of Cornish born Rosamunde Pilcher. In fact there have been a huge number of made for TV films of her works that the Germans had previously filmed and looking on the internet afterwards I could see that this wasn't the first time that they had used Mount Edgcumbe as a set. It was good fun to witness some of the filming as we sat on some higher ground eating our lunch. We saw several takes of a super slim actress getting out of an XK Jaguar sportscar which would date from the 1950's I guess and then getting into a more anonymous modern car. A long time back, probably in connection with Newquay airport, I had mentioned connections with an airport in Germany with a lot of the business on that route due to so many folk over there wanting to visit the locations they had seen in the filmed stories.

Once again we had an excellent walk in "The Park" but with the added interest of watching a film set.

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