Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tancock is world champion with record swim

I had promised in previous posts to flag up any massive successes of sportsmen who come from Devon and Cornwall. So although I have absolutely zero interest in the world swimming championships in Rome I am at the same time pleased to note that Exeter's 24 year old Liam Hancock struck gold in the 50 metre backstroke the other evening. Not only did Liam win but it was in a new world record time! So congratulations to him.

Although I personally lack any sporting prowess it is still nice to be able to mention a sport of minority interest even if it doesn't actually move me. I think I've said before that whatever one's reservations about the London Olympic Games (I wish we weren't saddled with them) at least those sports that struggle to get mentioned in the media can, for a brief time at least, get some public attention.

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