Monday, 24 August 2009

A (too) brief glimpse of the sun today

While the spectators at the test match at The Oval were I'm informed enjoying hot sunshine as well as witnessing England's win over the old foe, here in Cornwall the weather was stuck in a rut. Today at long last the sun came out - well briefly after a wet start. As I type this mid afternoon the clouds have filled in and it is far from settled. Just after lunch I dead-headed my large white shasta daisies. These I inherited when I bought the cottage; I'm pleased to have them because they need little attention and seem to be immune from pests and diseases but I have noticed look very scruffy when they start to go over in contrast to the very fresh whiteness when they first bloom.

My 'shastas' attract a few insects but nothing in comparison with the golden rod, now coming into its best. These soft downy flowers absolutely hum with dozens of bees and hover flies and although the golden rod has become a little too prolific it is at least helping out the bee population and any assistance they can get right now is very valuable. The golden rod is following on from the marjoram, another plant very happy to self seed and again well frequented by bees, particularly bumble bees.

The pervading dampness and buoyant slug population discourages one from growing a number of flower species but I'm very happy to have an abundance of insects in the garden at least. The weather outlook for the rest of the month isn't too cheerful - perhaps we will have a nice dry sunny September. Still autumn days can be absolute gems so here's hoping!

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