Saturday, 15 August 2009

'Red Arrows' return to Falmouth

It has been ten years apparently since folk at Falmouth have been able to witness a display by 'The Red Arrows' over the town but last Wednesday residents and visitors alike were able to see a thrilling display by the aerobatic team. There is a video giving a flavour of the event on the website of the 'Falmouth Packet', the relevant webpage being here from which one can click on the video. It's really good to see the traditional media getting internet savvy and having video on their websites. I don't know enough about it but would guess that such a website would have limited capacity and it might be that a video such as this would be taken down after a week say and something else put up in its place. As I say I don't really know, just making an assumption, so if it's not there in a month's time please don't blame me!

Now here is a thought - if The Packet does remove the footage from its site I wonder if it would be worth them considering putting it on YouTube. Good publicity for Falmouth and it would seem that YouTube have almost limitless capacity for displaying videos. Apart from a personal passion for listening to and watching hammered dulcimer music on YouTube (as I write there are 1890 results under that title, will I ever see them all?) there are videos of anything and everything under the stars. I have even watched some Dads Army clips! For my less than fast broadband it is better to use YouTube earlier in the day, otherwise loading can be dreadfully slow. Nevertheless it is a wonderful FREE facility!

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