Thursday, 20 August 2009

Police chiefs pay and perks in spotlight

It was just a couple of months back on June 18th, link here, that I wrote about Heather Brooke, that very determined lady who successfully fought a legal battle to get disclosure about MPs expenses. Now this country's Chief Constables are in her firing line and rightly so because some of them are evidently getting perks and privileges that we, their paymasters, haven't been privy to. Even if these 'extras' were small beer we should be in the know. It sounds though that some of them are quite considerable in value. The fact that this information hasn't been put in the public domain as a matter of course or that they are getting add-ons courtesy of the tax payer is quite disgraceful.

Heather makes her case in a recent entry on her blog which can be read here. More power to her elbow!

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