Thursday, 1 March 2007

Dr Kelly documentary was excellent

On the 25th February (ie last Sunday) I had blogged that there was going to be a very important documentary on BBC tv, one of the series 'The Conspiracy Files', about the death of Dr David Kelly. I felt it was well balanced and produced in a calm non-sensational way. All credit goes to concerned blogger Rowena Thursby and Libdem MP Norman Baker for their unremitting search for the truth. A couple of days ago Rowena put up a link to a video of the whole programme on her blog I will be watching it again.

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Roger Thomas said...

This 'conspiracy' is deeper and more involved than even the media can get a grip on. This is a DEFRA consultation page.
The work I refer to for the Cabinet Office is the changes to the CAP you refer to in a previous post. Obviously my name was flagged up for watching. This is a submission for a United Nations report commissioned by the UK Government. The media always attribute the risk assessment that 'cliamte change is a greater threat than terrorism' to the UKs Chief Scientist Prof Sir David King from 2004.
As you can see it wasn't him, it was me in 2002, and before the invasion of Iraq. This is also the agenda for the G8 summit in Perthshire in 2005. Climate change and Africa. The whole thing comes from the proposal to use the Millennium Dome as a global environmental management centre. Don't know if you read this one, this is 'conspiracy theory'.

The Dr Kelly thing is too close too home.