Sunday, 4 March 2007

Forsythias in full bloom

As long ago as December 22 I had reported a forsythia that had shown a few flowers for some weeks. It seemed to stay like that for a long time but now this one and others in the village are at their best. I will explain here that not only is my garden detached from the cottage but it is also offset slightly so that I don't look directly over it. This may appear odd, just let me say that this is Cornwall and we don't always conform to usual expectations! So the forsythia whose golden flowers I enjoy looking across the road from my front window belongs to a neighbour. It certainly lights up what is otherwise a dreary day.

Should I decide to gaze out from the back of the house what catches the eye? Happily another two forsythia belonging to a different neighbour whose mimosa is also still exhibiting a few flowers.

Having a few bushes and trees nearby helps to bring the wildlife in. Seeing an estate with very minimal amounts of vegetation is a really depressing sight. Surely not the way one is meant to live!

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