Friday, 23 March 2007

Funeral of Charlotte Shaw

Last Wednesday saw the funeral of teenager Charlotte Shaw. Charlotte, a pupil of Bideford's Edgehill College, sadly lost her life as a result of falling into the swollen Walla Brook on 4th March. As I blogged on the following day the weather was truly awful and an adult couple also died, in this instance as a result of a wave sweeping them off a sea wall in Cornwall.

Pictures of Charlotte and what I have read indicate she was a very happy and vibrant girl. The police investigation suggests that this was a really tragic accident and that nobody should be blamed. I believe I am right in saying that Charlotte was trying to retrieve her rucksack that had fallen into the torrent. There will be those now with a sense of guilt; well they really really shouldn't feel that way. It doesn't matter how prepared you are - a tragedy like this can happen in an instant, but that doesn't lessen the pain for her family and friends.

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