Saturday, 17 March 2007

Sally Clark dies

Sally Clark has died aged just 42. She was a mother found guilty of killing two sons, being sent to prison and then with the help of her steadfast husband having her conviction quashed. The torment of being convicted and then sent to prison must have been bad enough but it is too easy to forget how awful it would be to lose two young children in the first place. Although I think that the death was announced yesterday I noticed the story was the lead item on ITV's early evening news today.

It will be remembered that Angela Cannings and Donna Anthony were convicted of similar 'crimes' but eventually released on appeal. When I hear people clamour for the return of the death penalty in this country I feel like mentioning these three ladies names. Interestingly I heard Michael Howard say not so long ago that is now against capital punishment and I was quite surprised but pleased that he voiced that opinion.

Until a post mortem is carried out we won't know the cause of Sally's death; suicide has not been ruled out. The way we treat people wrongly convicted of a crime and the way we treat relatives of those who have been murdered is indicative of how civilised we are. I'm afraid this country is far from perfect in that respect.


CoralPoetry said...


Thank you for your tribute to Sally Clark.

This is an open letter to Prof Hamblin who has blocked replies at his blog.

Professor Hamblin,

Your erroneous original thoughts still stand here. Yes, the Internet is a big place, but not for an 8-year old grieving boy whose name is on your blog.

I actually have more respect for Roy Meadows who has maintained a respectful silence (who carried out his job to the best of his ability, armed with the technology at the time) than I have for you, a person armed with hindsight who says:

“Perhaps Clark was possessed by guilt that she really had killed her kids.”

One of her babies died of a staph infection. How do you justify this argument, which you posted 24 hours after her death? How can she kill her baby by staph? You and I are both armed with hindsight.

One of these “kids” is an 8-year-old boy who is likely to be reading your message.

You also say: "Sally Clark has died in suspicious circumstances."

As a medical professional, how can you suggest these are the circumstances 48 hours before a post mortem?

OK, I accept this is doctor’s jargon for “sudden death” but to the layperson (including an 8-year old boy) this means foul play or murder. How would you explain that supposition to the other occupant of her house when he reads this message at your blog?

If I were you and I chose to leave the original post here indefinitely, I would be looking to compensating this little boy in monetary terms. I think you should admit your error by sending this boy (the deceased's son) a cheque for an amount no less than £100,000 as compensation in the event he reads these inaccurate and malicious slurs against his late mother.


brian in the tamar valley said...

Initial examination of Sally's body suggests that she died of natural causes. However further tests are due to take place and it could be weeks before we can be certain of the cause of death.