Friday, 23 March 2007

That was the budget that was

Well that is I assume Gordon Brown's last budget and as usual a large part of it was spent patting himself on the back. The most talked about aspect was his cut in the basic tax rate to 20p; funnily enough he was a little less vocal about removing the basic starter rate of 10p. Strange that! Although he has tidied up the tax system to a certain extent and that I welcome in principle he has been berated in much of the media and many blogs for producing a tax con.

Of course the budget reply has to be the worst parliamentary event of the year for a Leader of the Opposition. Gordon's 'tax cut' came right at the end of his speech - an old trick to wrong foot the other parties. I think Cameron was doing quite well but then the BBC cut him off in mid flow. I'm not a supporter of any one political party but surely for a sense of balance we should have been permitted to see the FULL response of David Cameron and also that of Ming Campbell for that matter.

I noticed that BBC political editor Nick Robinson was awestruck by Brown but was really taken to task by some commenters on his blog. In fact he made a second blog entry on the budget in which he seemed to retract his position a little.

As everyone thought the worst polluting vehicles are going to be clobbered with a hike in vehicle excise duty (VED). Superficially this sounds good but as I had explained previously it isn't in so far as people who need 4 wheel drive vehicles which might be more polluting in use don't have this choice. People like Brown produce these policies without thinking them through.

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