Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Dr David Kelly book to be published

Next month sees the publication of 'The Strange Death of David Kelly' by the LibDem MP Norman Baker. A 192 page paperback, it will be available from Amazon at £9.99 plus postage and no doubt at many a High Street bookshop. I believe the revelations will be sensational and will finally debunk the official version of his alleged suicide. Norman Baker is one of those MPs I particularly admire partly because his search for the truth is absolutely relentless. I've no doubt that the powers that be want the whole miserable David Kelly business to be forgotten. I certainly don't!

For lots of background information on the death of Dr David Kelly it's worth going to Rowena Thursby's blog here. Her blog dramatically demonstrates how essential blogs are to flag up matters which are in danger of being quietly forgotten.

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