Monday, 10 September 2007

Spilled cargo from Napoli still being retrieved

Whilst the separation into two parts of the MSC Napoli has been the biggest recent episode in the saga of the wreck of this container ship contractors are still quietly going about the recovery of the few remaining containers lost overboard from Napoli but failing to be washed ashore. Sonar equipment is being used to locate the nine containers as yet unaccounted for. We are reassured by the information that their contents are non-hazardous.

Still on the subject of the Napoli I believe that after the bow section arrived at the yard of Harland and Wolff in Belfast for recycling the part of the structure that failed in the storm back in January has been cut away from the remainder. The intention if I've got the story right is to send this particular bit of the ship away for some tests to try and get more detail as to why the catastrophic failure occurred in the first place. I'm very pleased about this because this information is fundamental to the public enquiry to be carried out by Devon Council Council and needs to be in the public domain.

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