Sunday, 23 September 2007

Objections to lifeguard hut at Constantine Bay

Constantine Bay is about half way down North Cornwall's coast. Whereas so much of that coast is made up of magnificent cliffs with some of the most exhilarating and demanding walking you could wish for there are areas of complete contrast with wide sandy beaches backed by dunes and gentle grassy slopes, tamarisk hedges and golf courses. Constantine Bay fits into this second category. Understandably it's popular with visitors and in the summer has a lifeguard presence.

The lifeguards had previously had a hut to operate from but this had reached its 'sell by date' with the result that currently it has temporary accommodation on the beach which, come the end of the season, is removed from site to be reinstalled the following spring. However the RNLI would like a permanent replacement and this suggestion has locals up in arms, so much so that about 150 of them turned up to confront planners at the Bay. The objectors of course are appreciative of what the lifeguards do but appear to prefer the status quo of the movable accommodation.

A decision has yet to be made by the planners; I've not seen the plans for the proposed building but bearing in mind that something will be there for a good six months of the year whatever happens I do wonder if the problems raised are more imaginary than real. Watch this space for the outcome of the council's deliberations!

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