Monday, 24 September 2007

A wet and windy night

Last night was quite a contrast to the quiet dry weather we had experienced in the first half of September. After a dampish sort of Sunday the strong wind and heavy rain arrived overnight with a vengeance. Fortunately for us in the Tamar Valley we weren't subject to the mini tornadoes that caused structural damage in eastern England. This is British weather for you, it seldom seems to be without incident.

One thing that I have noticed with many a person particularly those hosting radio programmes is the misuse of the term 'Indian Summer'. They will persist in talking of an Indian Summer as any nice settled period immediately following the normal summer season. For those thinking the first fortnight of this month fell under that description, well they are absolutely wrong. An Indian Summer refers to that very still weather we can get late in the autumn, say the end of October and into November. I do wish they would get it right!

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