Sunday, 16 September 2007

Reflections on 200 blog entries

I see that yesterday I made my 200th entry on this blog so I thought maybe I would just pause for a moment and look back over the past months and reflect on how well (or badly!) I've done.

When I started the blog my intention was to concentrate as the blog name implies on matters of importance and interest in my two favourite counties. However I had said that I would make comments on events with a national or international slant if the mood took me and this has happened. On occasion this has caused me a bit of a dilemma because instinctively I prefer to stay with Devon and Cornwall.

One particular aspect of 'blogger' which I didn't use at the start (not sure it was even available) is the facility to attach labels to the end of each blog entry. I started using this part way through the blog and then went back through all the prior entries. These are listed on the right hand side of the current blog page and is a ready means of access should anybody be interested in referring to all the entries relating to a particular subject. At the moment 'MSC Napoli' is taking pride of place with the most entries with 34 blogs: this will increase substantially when the promised public enquiry by Devon County Council commences.

On the subject of the Napoli I wonder how many bloggers have covered this story as comprehensively as I have. There have been so many strands in this saga and I have felt compelled to write almost every time something new happens. If I knew how things were to turn out I would have been tempted to write a separate blog just devoted to MSC Napoli!!

Blogs have proved a great release for people such as yours truly who have been frustrated by the lack of opportunity to sound off about things that personally matter. OK as yet I don't have a counter for number of visits to this blog and I'm sure it's minute compared with many others. But at least I feel better for it, hopefully it is entertaining or interesting someone, and apart from my time and a little bit of electricity to power the laptop, it's free! By the way I would be fascinated to know in this age of instant communication via the internet whether 'Speakers Corner' in Hyde Park, at least I think it's Hyde Park, still operates.

So what will the next 200 entries bring? I think I've got quite a wide spectrum of interest but can say with some certainty that TV soaps and today's pop music won't feature. Sport will be noticeable by its omission by and large although on those few occasions teams or individuals in the counties do something of note I shall try and include them.

I think that's enough from me just now. I'll do my 'spellcheck' and get this posted.

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