Thursday, 6 September 2007

Logic Office Goup leaving Staverton

As my last post indicated Totnes is having a torrid time on the employment front. But it gets worse because we now have the maker of classy office furniture, Logic Office Group, saying that they will close their factory at New Lane, Staverton with the loss of 20 jobs. Staverton is a small village not much more than a stones throw from Totnes so this impending closure is just making the employment situation more difficult in the area. Ironically the company have if anything been too successful necessitating working shifts around the clock and thus falling foul on the night shift of environmental standards particularly regarding noise. Logic wasn't sure that doing the necessary expensive remedial work at this old factory would have the required effect so are evidently going to concentrate their resources at their Rotherham site.

On top of the relocation of Dartington College of Arts and the closure of Dairy Crest in Totnes this latest announcement just doesn't seem fair does it.

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