Sunday, 16 December 2007

American interest in Sat-Nav problems

Wedmore, a village not in my two counties but in neighbouring Somerset, lies not far west of Wells and where two 'B' roads cross. In the normal course of events it wouldn't show on my radar but a story concerning it in the 'Western Morning News' is the reason for this entry. Like many other villages and small towns it has fallen prey to the Sat-Nav problem. Once again local homeowners are subjected to noise, pollution and property damage as Sat-Navs direct lorries through a rural settlement. But what makes this WMN piece particularly interesting is that reporters from American(!) newspapers have picked up on Wedmore's difficulties and are running the SatNav story.

I've expressed my irritation before about the lack of progress in resolving the Sat-Nav trouble with respect to commercial traffic. On a radio phone-in one gentleman had suggested that his by no means top of the range Sat-Nav could be tuned for the benefit of lorries so that they weren't sent down country lanes and I've seen models specifically designed for lorries on the internet so the problem is solvable.

Meanwhile what happens insurance wise regarding homes and shops that get damaged by the juggernauts? No property owner should have to pay a penny towards repairs or have any loading applied to his cover. Government, councils and transport operators - just get the problem sorted.


Emmakins said...

The first newspaper to print the story exclusively was the Somerset Mercury.

* And the newspaper you are referring to is actually called the Western Daily Press

brian in the tamar valley said...

Thanks very much for your comment. I'm not surprised that it was a newspaper nearer the action that first broke the story - I think my paper recently picked it up because Devon and Cornwall have had so many problems with lorries and their sat-navs, as have so many other areas of course.

Whilst not doubting that the Western Daily Press also ran the story I can emphatically state that I read it in the Western Morning News.