Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Nick Clegg is new LibDem leader

So now we know. Nick Clegg is the new party leader for the Liberal Democrats having beaten Chris Huhne by a few hundred votes when the result was announced yesterday. Some are thinking that Clegg is a bit of a Cameron clone and it will be fascinating to see how he makes his party distinctive to the electorate.

Clegg was asked today whether he believed in God and with a slight hesitation he said "No". However he is married to a Spanish lady who, surprise surprise, is a Roman Catholic! I think that their children are being brought up in that faith. So the multilingual Mr Clegg has been quite candid about this slightly taboo subject. I am someone who respects those with religious beliefs even though I'm not a practising churchgoer and have no problem with a party leader who doesn't believe in God. Incidentally like many I love the words and music of Christmas carols and of hymns generally come to that. In fact some religious music and hymn tunes played on a church organ can be incredibly special.

It looks as if it could be some time before the next General Election and people's intentions can change before then but Devon and Cornwall could be a right royal battleground between Tories and LibDems. When the time comes we can expect a lot more attention from parties and pundits than is usually the case as our results could be really crucial to the outcome.

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