Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Crediton church clock keeps chiming

Crediton with its lovely red sandstone church and surrounding fertile farmland doesn't feature in the news that often. But new residents Claire Robinson and her partner have caused a bit of a stir recently. It's all down to the chiming of the church clock! Since the installation of the clock in the mid nineteenth century it's been possible to hear the chimes every quarter of an hour and the aforementioned couple although living some distance from the church (half a mile I believe) aver that the chimes are noisy and disturbing their sleep.

They collected a few names on a petition which was sent to Mid Devon District Council. Apparently Ms Robinson, who moved to Crediton last year, wants the chimes silenced between 7 pm and 9 am, no less than 14 hours of the day! The sound has been monitored from her house by officials from the council who have declared that it does not constitute a noise nuisance.

There appear to have been far more residents supporting the status quo than siding with Ms Robinson. I have to say I don't have any problems with clock chimes but there is one particular sound I really don't like: peacocks calling. I think that horrible noise is only in the mating season. Although as a rule I'm very fond of our feathered friends exotic birds like peacocks do absolutely nothing for me. Fortunately I don't have neighbours with peafowl but if I did I would just live with that ear jarring sound I guess.

Back to the church clock, I remember a similar complaint arising in Totnes not so long ago. Again it was an incomer who complained and again I believe that person was given short shrift by the locals. It looks at the moment that Crediton's church clock will go on chiming - three cheers for that!

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