Sunday, 16 December 2007

Residents don't want Weir Quay changes

Weir Quay is one of those very serene spots to be found on the banks of our wonderful Westcountry estuaries. In this particular instance we are talking about the eastern shore of the relatively wide Tamar to the north of Plymouth. Existing as it does in the deep Bere Peninsula formed by the confluence of the Rivers Tamar and Tavy it is one of those places slightly off the beaten track and, as a consequence, seldom gets overcrowded and to me always appeals as it has a timeless air about it. We are blessed in Devon and Cornwall with our peninsulas which have somehow halted the onward march of development.

The lack of formal development and the informal parking facilities at Weir Quay, where there is a sailing club and a scattering of houses and a minor road fronting the estuary, is evidently to the liking of those familiar with the area. I say this because the Tamar Valley AONB service had floated some alternatives to the status quo which involved what appeared to me to be quite modest changes. These were on display at Bere Ferrers Parish Hall recently and the public had a chance to vote on what future alternative would be best. About 90% said they didn't want any change thanks very much. Now I didn't get round to seeing the exhibition myself but did see the alternatives on the internet (I think this was from the Tamar Valley AONB website if I remember correctly). So it looks now as if the AONB will have to go along with the majority; there could be some very minor tidying up such as filling in potholes where cars presently stop just off the road. But no new parking facilities as the other alternatives had envisaged.

On balance I shall be pleased to see Weir Quay left much as it is.

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