Sunday, 2 December 2007

Lights switched on

The rough weather relented somewhat yesterday evening. This was just as well because it was the night of the Christmas lights switch on in Gunnislake with associated street entertainment. As happened last year the marching band (bagpipes and drums) from Plymouth did their stuff and the Hele School steel band demonstrated their prowess this time in 'The Buccaneer' - last year they were in the dance studio. The Morris Dancers were the side based at Horrabridge (Dartmoor Border Morris?). There was a short firework display with very quiet bangs showing that they really don't need to be noisy. As usual Steve at the Post Office had sensibly utilised the afternoon in making mulled wine. Well up to standard Steve!

Even though there was a brief weather window before the heavy rain later in the night it seemed to me that there just weren't the number of people attending that we have had in the past. It was the same in August with the Saturday of our village festival. At the moment there looks to be some apathy setting in when it comes to community events and it's difficult to overcome it.

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