Saturday, 16 August 2008

It's raining yet again

It seems that the weather is taking up too much of this blog but with very strong winds out there and rain tipping down it is a subject I cannot ignore. In fairness it should be noted that yesterday was one of those rare occasions when it was dry throughout, well to teatime anyway. I was able at last to get the lawn cut which at least makes the garden a little more presentable. When I was out at the top end of the village yesterday I noticed several red admirals around a buddleia which is some good news but peacocks and small tortoiseshells continue to be elusive. Anyway that was yesterday, we are now back with the wet stuff with a vengeance - it is looking really autumnal and it's only the sombre green of the foliage of the trees on the other side of the Tamar that's convincing me that it really is summer still and not yet autumn!

In the past I have commented on Piers Corbyn's forecasts on and last winter many of his predictions were just about as wrong as they could be. Then for a while he was slipping below my radar but lately I have been looking at his website again. I have to say that the general thrust of his forecast is presently much closer to the reality of the situation; for me the jury is still out regarding the accuracy of his methods though. It is a great shame that he hasn't allowed his techniques to be rigorously examined but I appreciate that his forecasts are a source of income for him and so therefore he doesn't want his "secrets" to come into the public domain. Piers maintains that variations in our climate are driven by activity on the sun (sunspots, magnetic storms) and have nothing to do with human activity. This may or may not be the case but he really does have to present some credible evidence before one can make a judgment.

I think I have mentioned before that he has now quietened down his website, it is far less popular tabloid than it used to be and to me more user friendly. I must try and keep a regular check on him again and see how he fares through the autumn.

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