Sunday, 24 August 2008

Weather improves for bank holiday

So far this bank holiday weekend has been fairly good weatherwise. It was wet overnight but today things have improved and in fact this afternoon has been really pleasant. This quiet still weather which quite often seems to characterise the move from summer to autumn always goes down well with me. I certainly took advantage after lunch in getting some gardening done, for me the temperature for outside work was absolutely right. Yes I know with a bank holiday weekend one is supposed to drive miles and join everyone else doing the same thing. Now much though I like people I prefer them in small numbers unless going to an event where huge audiences are essential for viability and atmosphere, not that I can think of any such occasions that I would enjoy.

Of course this long weekend and the next week or two are the last throw of the dice for most families before the routine of school recommences. I am really pleased for them that the weather is better now but I'm even happier for our farmers who desperately need a dry period to get something out of the harvest.

The main reason for the awful summer it seems is that the high altitude jet stream bringing in low pressure off the Atlantic has been well south of where one normally expects it with the result that many of the depressions have been centred over Ireland or Wales, some of them have been slow moving as well which has made the drenching all the more notable. The good news is that the current low is somewhere up near Iceland I think, where it darn well should be! There is now some prospect of a ridge from the Azores high pushing into the south west as the week progresses.

Before finishing this entry I just want to mention seeing a few peacock butterflies recently, nowhere near enough but better than none at all. And the sea of yellow in the garden that is the golden rod in flower is bringing in the bees and hoverflies. The first flower on my michaelmas daisies is also in bloom. Happy days!

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