Monday, 18 August 2008

Morwellham Country Fair

After the nasty weather of Saturday there has been some respite and yesterday (Sunday) turned out to be a half decent day. This was fortuitous as a country fair had been organised by the folk at Morwellham Quay. There is a considerable amount of land there in their ownership and it was possible to hold the fair in a good sized field separate from the main heritage activities. I had thought they had run this event before but evidently this was my imagination as I was told that this was definitely the first of what it is hoped will be an annual event. The organisers were rewarded with a good response in terms of spectator numbers even though there hadn't been a lot of advertising. It was definitely the sort of event that suited Morwellham, nothing over the top, just a pleasant day out for a family, or individuals come to that. Heavy horses, ferret racing, a sheepdog rounding up ducks, a bouncy castle, dog competitions (well done 'Gypsy', your proud owner must have felt like an Olympic champion collecting the rosettes), various stalls, these were some of the activities going on.

Oh, I almost forgot, 'The Rubber Band' were there to entertain as well. Following an earlier occasion this year at Morwellham when the band got a soaking they quite reasonably asked to be placed under cover this time round. So they found themselves in a fairly large gazebo at the top of the field, right next to the person doing the hot dogs, it's a wonder they didn't play 'Smoke gets in Your Eyes'! Even with the gazebo they had there wasn't a lot of room to spare and if the two or three other members who weren't able to come had been there I think that there would have been quite a squeeze.

The organisers had repeated a mistake that I must admit I had made not so long before at a different event. This was not providing any seating for those who wanted to specifically listen to the music, without anywhere to sit there is a tendency to just drift past They had thoughtfully deposited some hay bales around the periphery of the main events ring in the time honoured way but not near the band. I shall have a quiet word with someone to rectify this before next year's event!

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