Sunday, 10 August 2008

Latest on stamp duty fiasco

This is a video of Housing Minister Caroline Flint doing her best to dampen down speculation of a possible holiday for those house purchasers paying stamp duty. The story doing the rounds now is that Alistair Darling is being made to look indecisive by Number 10 briefing behind his back about this possible payment deferment. If this really is so then it surely demonstrates just how rotten this government is. Lets be charitable though and assume that the idea was to float the suggestion re stamp duty just to see how those affected might react (my previous suggestion of the press making the story up in the first place doesn't I think really stand up to scrutiny). Surely anyone with any experience of life would have foreseen the reaction of buyers to delay things for the moment; estate agents are also furious, they need this uncertainty like a hole in the head particularly in the normally dead month of August.

More and more we see appallingly poor judgment by our political masters. Where will it all end?

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