Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Weather causes cancellation of shows

It has brightened up a little this afternoon in the valley but I'm afraid that the recent heavy rains have put paid to at least a couple of shows that I'm aware of. Today the Exford Show just over the border in Somerset has had to be cancelled whist tomorrow's Okehampton Show will not now take place. This is doubly depressing for the Okehampton folk as they lost last year's event to the weather. These shows are so important to the rural community because apart from the opportunities for farmers to show off their livestock and meet up with old friends it also gives the non farming public more of an insight into all things agricultural.

As I said before on this blog we were so fortunate to have good weather at the time of the Gunnislake Festival but the weather this year has been such a lottery for organisers of outdoor events. It should be said too that our festival was small beer compared with the sizeable one day shows such as that at Okehampton. I really do wish them well for 2009.

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