Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Katie walks and then gets her marching orders

Katie Hopkins from Exeter - are there any more surprises for us? Katie you may recall was the contender in the TV programme 'The Apprentice' who after being told by Sir Alan Sugar she was in the final two decided to walk from the show. Interestingly Sugar has subsequently said that if she hadn't taken that action he would have changed his mind and fired her! Now we learn that she has lost her job as a global brand consultant with the Met Office; they have a 12 month probationary period system and she has failed to complete it.

I have been following this series of 'The Apprentice' and never warmed to her whereas her arch rival Kristina was someone I could empathise with. Katie was thoroughly nasty in relation to the others and had every reason to be disliked. Now I appreciate that in the Alan Sugar type of business you are not there to be Mr or Ms Nice but Katie seemed to be there purely as an ego trip. In the followup programme 'The Apprentice - You're fired' she was absolutely torn apart by a businesswoman on the panel of three. She just had to sit there and take the devastating criticism.

Normally I don't watch reality TV of any kind but I get the feeling we all love to have a person to hate - a bit like booing and hissing in a pantomine. Well Katie filled the slot admirably.

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