Saturday, 23 June 2007

Mud at Glastonbury

Mud at the Glastonbury Festival! Now there's a surprise! I must emphasise that I'm not writing from personal knowledge, just from the pictures in the media. All the tea in China wouldn't be enough reason for me to go there! It's not that I dislike my fellow human beings but the thought of joining 170,000 plus of them in a muddy field is not my idea of fun. In today's Western Morning News their reporter names 10 of the star turns but I confess none of them mean anything to me - yes I know I've led a very sheltered life!

But it fascinates me just how incredibly diverse people are in the make up of their personalities. I mean I have absolutely zero desire to attend some grand event in some vast stadium, it would be hell for me. But sharing something in a local pub or village hall well now you are talking. Perhaps this is why I am so comfortable(and lucky) living in a village.

What with Glastonbury this weekend and the start of the Wimbledon fortnight next week no wonder the weather is so unsettled! But there is still plenty of time left for a heatwave this summer.

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