Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More on level crossing accident

Time for some self criticism Brian! I like to get my facts right and expect that what others write should also be factually correct. Yesterday I let myself down by a misleading bit of commentary on the systems used on some level crossings. At the crossing near Chapel on the Par to Newquay line where this most recent accident occurred there are in fact no barriers just the flashing lights warning drivers not to cross. I should have remembered this as the lack of barriers has been the subject of much debate in the past. According to the Western Morning News this particular crossing has seen three such accidents in the last 4 years - an unenviable record. And this crossing is not unique because there have been similar mishaps on some of the other crossings on this line.

Obviously a full investigation is being carried out; a possibly significant fact is that the injured driver wasn't local, he came from Merseyside we are told.


Trader68 said...

There are no gates at that level crossing, and the driver definitely didn't drive around do I know? Because I am the that driver!

Look on the BBC news website. A local witness stated 'No warning signs - hard to see lights in sunny weather - cannot hear warning Klaxon with windows up and radio on'

If this had've been any normal company then the H&S would be standing on the managements' throats demanding answers...

brian in the tamar valley said...

I'm pleased that you have recovered sufficiently from your ordeal to have read my blog and to make a comment as well; thanks very much for that.

As you will now be aware there have been quite a number of crossing collisions on this line, yours wasn't a one-off that's for sure.

Thanks again for your input.