Saturday, 23 June 2007

New litter bin unveiled in Torbay

A new design of litter bin has been the subject of a media story in Torbay this week. One problem of traditional litter bins is that they fill rapidly thus demanding frequent and costly emptying whereas if their contents could be compacted somehow then you could maybe get say five times as much in. Believe it or not someone has come up with a solution - there seems to be no limit to man's inventiveness!

I'm not sure of my facts here but I believe that this idea has come from America. Inside the bin there is some sort of mechanism, solar power operated, that squashes down the contents thus significantly improving the capacity. Very clever! Torbay Council it seems will be replacing more and more bins with this high tech version.

There is such scope for the use of solar power. I think that there are some street lights in remote locations that are using the sun as their source of power. Such solar powered projects might have a considerable environmental cost in their manufacture, or maybe not - I don't know. But once in situ the benefits start mounting up. So if solar rubbish bins are possible it makes you wonder what other things powered by our sun might appear in the future.

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