Thursday, 7 June 2007

Olympics logo

As thousands of bloggers have been commenting on the new logo for the 2012 London Olympics I suppose I'd better throw in my twopenneth... Other than saying it doesn't do anything for me I would make two points - firstly I will own up and admit that I didn't recognise the figures 2012 were contained in the logo until told and I understand that more than a few others were also bemused. The second point is the sheer unbelievable cost in coming up with it, £400,000 I'm led to believe. Of course there are two ways of looking at this latter point; if you look at the cost as a one off spread over 5 years then in financial terms it starts to look more reasonable. But I tend to look at as the physical cost of coming up with the idea, doing some market research and then fleshing things out and it just seems crazy to cost this money. No doubt it's more complicated than appears on the surface and they also had to produce a video but for someone in the sticks down here it's what I call 'funny money' or 'telephone numbers money'.

Someone who also didn't like it put up an online petition criticising the logo and got over 48,000 to sign it within two days! Controversial indeed but all this publicity is definitely putting the 2012 Olympics on the map. However I still wish France had won it!

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