Thursday, 18 October 2007

'Country Lives' keeps me informed

I watched the 'Country Lives' programme on our local ITV earlier this evening. Only on for half hour it looks at a variety of subjects and people and I particularly wanted to see this one as there was an item about the team who maintain the Tamar Bridge (the road bridge not Brunel's wonderful creation which of course is 'The Royal Albert Bridge').

As someone who starts getting queasy when I'm more than four rungs up a ladder it was quite something to see them casually walking along the main cables that lead up to the towers. What came over was the strong feelings they have for the bridge and how thorough the inspection and maintenance regimes are. It always fascinates me to think about what motivates people to take on certain types of employment; I mean when at school did they just get this overwhelming desire to work on high bridges. I guess that they get good money for the job, they certainly deserve it.

Another part of the programme visited a true art deco cinema (was it in Somerset?) run by a real film enthusiast. He even has a chap who plays the cinema's organ for the best part of half an hour before the film starts! Nostalgia rules OK.

BBC do a similar general interest programme called 'Inside-Out'. These are gems to me as I always like to extend my knowledge on all sorts of real life subjects that you don't normally think about. I don't always get to see them but when I do there is always something to fascinate. Much talk today about the BBC cutting back on its budget and making staff redundant. It worries me that a programme like Inside-Out will be a casualty. I certainly hope not.

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