Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Red faces as King Harry Ferry grounded

The King Harry Ferry provides a short but very convenient means of access for those lucky folk who live on Cornwall's Roseland Peninsula but need to go to Truro, Penryn, etc. Normally the trip across the River Fal is accomplished without drama but yesterday morning a slight miscalculation left the ferry grounded as the tide was falling. Fortunately no passengers or vehicles were left on board.

Interestingly the ferry company has a note of the mobile numbers of their regular clientele so that they can be sent text messages if there is a problem with the ferry but such an event is very rare.

I have to say that I'm very fond of peninsulas and 'The Roseland' like the Rame Peninsula nearer my home has a diverse choice of scenery. In both instances you have an unspoilt coast, quiet creeks, woodlands and fields. Being peninsulas they aren't blighted with through traffic. These two are well protected from development as well - in the case of Rame because a huge chunk is 'The Mount Edgcumbe Country Park' whereas a sizable part of The Roseland is owned by The National Trust.

The King Harry Ferry was in the news three years ago for all the right reasons. Back then it was described by travel writer Ryan Levitt as being one of the top ten most picturesque ferry journeys in the World. I can certainly vouch for its beauty.

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