Monday, 22 October 2007

We take an allotment

A gardening fanatic friend and I have taken an allotment. To get what we needed we have had to go to the next parish, that parish has allotments in two locations one of which I believe is fully subscribed. However the other site, at Luckett, still has allotments unused despite being advertised so we are not depriving the locals of anything. The availability has been assisted by the fact that one of the tenants, Fred, who had several plots there is emigrating (good luck with the move Fred!).

The plot that we are taking on has been untouched for some time and so needs a lot of work to become usable. Fortunately the settled weather we are having has come at the right time for us to get started. My friend has a lifetime of gardening experience so I shall be relying on her for some tips! I'm certainly keen to learn.

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