Saturday, 20 October 2007

Food giant Heinz are in the soup

Heinz, one of the best known food names in the country, have found themselves in deep water this week. They have brought out a new range of soups under the label of "Farmers' Market". Now of course the ingredients aren't sourced from farmers markets but from what one might call industrialised farming. Heinz maintain that these new products have been inspired by the country's farmers markets. H'm, this is stretching things a bit methinks. Not surprisingly those who organise and sell at these markets together with a number of MPs have been quick to condemn Heinz for this slick bit of marketing. Of course a tremendous amount of our food comes from 'production line' farming and it's nothing new for manufacturers to give the impression it has been sourced from traditional types of farms, the sort in fact that would be more likely to sell at farmers markets.

So where does this furore leave us? I think Heinz have shot themselves in the foot by gaining this negative publicity. Whether they are doing something that is illegal I don't know. But to me using exactly the same two words is something I wouldn't agree with.

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