Wednesday, 10 October 2007

St Agnes lady too old to lead guides

A story from one of my favourite villages in Cornwall, St Agnes. Pat Ely has been a guider for the St Agnes rainbow branch of Girl Guides for 22 years. She would very much like to continue but her 'failing' is that she has reached the age of 65. So under the rules of 'Girlguiding UK' she has to retire. She is only 65 for heaven's sake! I shall be that age in less than a year and don't think it's any age at all providing you are reasonably fit and still mentally agile.

People of this age still have plenty to contribute. My advice to the guiding organisation - amend that rulebook pronto!

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brian in the tamar valley said...

I see that today's Western Morning News (17 October) has now caught up with this story! To be fair it is relatively soft news and I guess it can be difficult when you are producing a daily paper to be able to slot in such items.