Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Post Offices named for closure

We know that the government are looking to close some 2,500 post offices and to that end the first 180 have been named. These are in Kent, in the East Midlands and in the East Yorkshire area. I understand that it is intended to sort out all the closures for the whole country by the end of next year. At what time during this period our post offices in Devon and Cornwall will know their fate I just don't know. But what I do understand is how difficult it must be for those postmasters waiting to be told whether their business is for the chop or not. There is nothing worse than uncertainty when people are in business. I have the greatest respect for small businesses be they shopkeepers, farmers, postmasters, manufacturers or whoever. They are the bedrock of our country but not always appreciated as such.

Let's hope that the remaining postmasters and postmistresses aren't kept in suspense for much longer.

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