Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Modbury plastic bag ban now permanent

I wrote on the First of May about a pioneering scheme in Modbury, South Devon where for six months traders would not be issuing plastic bags. That trial period is complete and not only will the plastic bag ban now go on indefinitely but many other places are into similar initiatives following intense media interest from far and wide.

Not only have the plastic bags gone but their replacements made of cornstarch for instance are far fewer in number demonstrating just how much these new alternatives are being repeatedly used rather than being discarded. We are in a win-win situation here.

It was local person and wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking, having witnessed the appalling affects on marine life of discarded plastic, who decided to do something about it. I think she was taken aback by just how much both she and the town came into the spotlight. Having achieved what she hoped for, and more, she has decided to bow out and enjoy a slightly quieter life again and I don't blame her!

There is a specific website regarding plastic bag free Modbury which you can link to here.

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