Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Too many days for fireworks

Before I get started I just want to be clear that I'm not a killjoy. I'm not personally interested in firework displays but if others are well my dislike doesn't colour my attitude I hope. However one of my complaints about fireworks is that they are not confined to November 5th. In the village there have been quite a number let off on the two weekend evenings (third and fourth) but with the noisier ones seemingly reserved for the "correct" day. So far this evening practically nothing, just the odd quiet one. Now if only setting off fireworks was confined to the one evening what an improvement that would be.

There are a lot of dog owners and cat owners in the village - I'm not one of them - and it's horrendous for owners and pets as one just doesn't know when the next bang is coming. But it's not only the effect on domesticated animals that bothers me. We are in a deep V shaped valley with the village clinging to the western slope whilst the Devon side is densely wooded. A pleasure for me, and for many others I guess, is the sound of the gentle hoots of the tawny owls from the trees opposite that one hears on many a night. Owls have very sensitive hearing I believe so just what effect the sound of fireworks reverberating in the valley has on them I don't know. As I type this sentence at 8 pm I can hear some reassuring hoots so that's good news.

Maybe now there will be a lull until New Year's Eve when more explosions will be on the menu if the past few years are anything to go by.

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