Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A very late firework display

I thought I had blogged enough about this years fireworks but unexpectedly find myself making another entry. Well into last Saturday evening I witnessed and heard another display of fireworks, twelve days after November the fifth. Now this wasn't in the village but beyond the treeline on the Devon side of the Tamar Valley. Checking with the map I'm fairly sure that they were set off at a fairly isolated property out of sight from here but barely a mile away as the crow flies.

Some of the bangs were at the loud end of the spectrum so to speak and I just got the feeling that it was all put together by a professional outfit. It's possible that the timing less than two weeks from Guy Fawkes night was coincidence and it might have been in celebration of some sort of family event.

As certain sections of the population become better off it seems that they become ever more eager to spend their cash in this sort of way. Mercifully in this instance they didn't go on for too long but for pet owners and the rest of us who wish for a less noisy environment the increasing number of these firework displays are not welcome. A further reduction in the maximum decibels these explosives produce would be a very good idea.

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