Wednesday, 7 November 2007

MSC Napoli - work resuming this week

For those not living in the Branscombe/Sidmouth area the saga of the MSC Napoli is probably something you haven't thought about of late. But, as ever, if there is fresh activity relating to the Napoli this blog will let you know!

This week will see the commencement of the cutting up of the stern section of the wreck which will be followed by removal of the parts for recycling. It may be recalled that an earlier plan had been to lift the whole of the remainder of the ship with its massive accommodation block onto a barge and take it away. After some thought it seems that the salvage company would be taking on a bit too much with this idea but whether it was the men from the ministry or the salvers who got cold feet I don't know I'm afraid. Whatever the history it is evident that the stern section of Napoli is likely to be visible off Branscombe for a few months yet.

As I have blogged before it is a shame that the disposal decision couldn't have been made earlier bearing in mind the very quiet weather we have enjoyed over the past couple of months. Now everyone will keep their fingers crossed that the kind conditions continue.

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