Friday, 30 November 2007

Stormy weekend forecast

Yesterday was very pleasant weather wise but things have now turned for the worse with a fair bit of rain and increasing wind. We have been warned in the last few forecasts that the wind will be particularly strong on Sunday morning. It looks as if the airflow is coming from the west or southwest, good news for me as the rising ground behind this terrace tends to lessen the impact of the wind from that direction. When we have a gale from the due south though we really know about it because then it fairly whistles through this part of the valley there being little high ground twixt us and the sea.

With a gale from the west the MSC Napoli might be a little less battered than she was the other day when it blew from the due south. As I have previously remarked the salvage company have been lucky with the weather but that good fortune couldn't go on indefinitely.

I have blogged in the past about maverick meteorologist Piers Corbyn getting his forecasts wrong. He has produced some very dire warnings about storms for this past month and went public with them rather than expecting you to pay to visit his website. I'll see just how bad the winds are on Sunday and then pass judgement on these latest prophecies of his.

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