Thursday, 8 November 2007

Noisy fireworks yesterday evening

On Tuesday evening I wrote a piece about the way fireworks are set off on days other than November the fifth. That evening, the sixth, witnessed one or two fireworks but quiet ones probably not enough to cause much distress. Sadly in the middle of yesterday evening a family about 100 yards away decided it was their turn. Many of the fireworks they let off were exceptionally loud, worse than others I had heard on previous days and they seem to have spread them out over quite a period of time so that you were repeatedly under the illusion that the mayhem was over only for another huge rocket to deafen you.

So far as I was concerned the family were totally irresponsible in doing what they did. One hears of dog owners going to the vet to get their pooches sedated for Guy Fawkes night but who would have been prepared for very noisy fireworks midweek and two days after the fifth.

Perhaps I'm naive but I believe the majority of people for all their imperfections (and I am far from perfect myself) try to behave in a responsible fashion with concern and respect for others. However certain individuals don't such as those last night. It's the same with picking up dog poo, the great majority of dog walkers in the village do the correct thing but there is always the odd one who doesn't.

Respect for others is surely something that we should all aim for.

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